How I treat my damaged hair.

It was in december 2016 and my hair was starting to get so much more longer and more wavy.And I made a decision to perm it straight since I kind of do that ever other year.So,i was getting ready and when we apply the perming treatment to my hair,my hair reacted pretty badly and ended up all frizzy and not cute,so I washed it off immediately and still proceed.

I thought that it would be okay and when we straighten it,it looked okay and all.Then I washed my hair and BOOM my hair was like flying everywhere in all directions.It was fried,frizzy and all dead.It broke my heart since my hair was so long and now i have to cut it again.And i cut my hair and it was about 50inch and now my hair is short again like really short.

So after the bad experience i decided not to do anything crazy or getting any chemical treatment.And my hair is starting to grow longer and healthier which is super good.I wash my hair every other day and always use a conditioner since i have really thick hair.I also use coconut oil or a hair mask once every week and eat foods that are good for hair and drink a lot of water,cause water is really good for our body and hair.

It’s been like 7 months since i cut my hair and my hair feels so much more smooth and healthier and I hope that my tips could help some of you in some ways.

Lots of LOVE,Bye



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